Somewhere stunning to visit

Dear All,
So I was reading about some of the parts of the Malaysia airline that washed up on the Island of Pemba. The loss of this aircraft is an extremely sad event and the fact that it has not been located very difficult for many.
I wanted to check where it was so I did a search, these are some of the links I came up with.
What I learned was it is a stunning place and somewhere I would love to visit.
So put it on your list to stop there on your worldwide cruise on your Explorer Yacht.
All the best,

Lady Galathea 54′ (16.51m) Bripack


Dear All,

I usually do not report on vessels of this size but this is just a wonderful sweet coastal cruising Explorer Yacht. She does not have the range for world cruising on her own bottom but would be easy to ship to exotic areas of the world and then cruise extensively from  there.

She is in very good condition over all,  the engine room is excellent and has been updated and the bilges and tech areas are great.


I really love the main deck and the way the saloon, galley and pilothouse are integrated. She has a comfortable fly bridge that has a folding mast and Bimini .

The engine room is very well done and  easy to service all the equipment.

I would recommend this boat to someone who wants to cruise with family and friends without crew.


Please contact me for more details and recent photos.
John DeCaro
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