The art and science of a great paint job.

There are many different aspects to making a great paint job on a yacht. It starts with treating the structure and works outwards from there. One of several key parts and difficult parts is getting the fairing smooth. Long boarding is one of the methods and a key part to a great paint job.

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Long boarding

Deep Sea film documentaries and other links

Wondering what you can see from your own submarine while cruising around the world on your Explorer or Discovery Yacht?

Click below:

Deep Sea Exploration (1/5)

Deep Sea Exploration (2/5)

Deep Sea Exploration (3/5)

Mystery Creatures of Deep Sea

Marine bio page with great video about the sub Alvin.

Mariana Trench The Deepest Place On Earth, Alvin used

Volcanoes of the Deep

Trailer to the film Deep sea Challenge

Deep Sea a 40 minute movie on the ocean

National Geographic Amazing Creatures & Fish of the Deep Ocean Sea Documentary

Reef Life of the Andaman (full marine biology documentary)

National Geographic Documentary – Pacific Ocean Paradise – Save the World’s Oceans

Want your own submarine?

Triton 1000/2 for sale, ask us about other types and sizes of submarines!



Dear All,


A new term has been creeping into the yachting vernacular as of late. You may have seen the term Discovery Yacht in yachting magazines and publications and wondered what it is. I have had a number of clients and industry professionals asked me to explain what a Discovery Yacht is and how it is different from an Explorer or Expedition Yacht. It is a valid question and one which for me didn’t have an obvious and definitive answer.

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