What makes for a great Explorer Yacht

Dear All,

This is meant to be a open general discussion about what features make for a great Explorer Yacht, by features I mean general and specific features.

I think we can all agree that it has to be a full displacement hull, then again there are some things that people call “fast explorer” which are most of the time semi-displacement hulls. However for me, it HAS to be full displacement.Grey sides out in water-D

Of course features will also depend on size, so I think we need to make some categorizes by size, this is just made up range so lets say, small:between 70′ and 95′, medium: between 96′ and 120′, large: between 121 and 165′, and Mega: 166′ and above.

When you are talking about features please indicate what range you are discussing or if it is for all Explorers.

To give an example, I think you need a range @ 10 knots of at least 4000 nm in the small and medium size, more is always better. In the large size a range of least 6000 nm @ 10 knots and in the mega size a range of at least 8000 nm @ 12 knots.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the matter and why.

I will add more as we go.

All the best,


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