7 Awesome Things You Can Do with this Triton 1000/2 Personal Submarine

I recently listed this Triton 1000/2 Personal Submarine for Sale. It’s a 2010 model from an experienced owner who is upgrading to a higher-capacity submersible. The list of upgrades is long, and it got me to thinking about just how incredible the experiences will be for the next owner.

Triton Submarine for Sale

Here are my seven favorite things that you can do with this Triton 1000/2 personal submarine:

1: Making GoPro memories. This submarine has a special housing that lets you take the GoPro down to 1,000 feet. You can take countless photos and up to four hours of continuous video. The footage, with this vessel, can be of places that nobody in the world has ever seen before.

Searching the sea bottom in a personal submarine

2: Chase lionfish wherever they hide. Everybody knows these invasive-species predators are a scourge on our beautiful oceans and reefs. I once got to chase one at about 300 feet in this Triton submarine. I tried to squash it, but it got away.

3: Immerse yourself in history. A favorite personal submarine experience is in Italy’s Aeolian Islands, where you can dive into the world of sunken antiquities. Pre-A.D. vessels, sunken cities—there are numerous opportunities to discover.

4: Work with scientists to figure out the oceans. It’s hard to believe, but officials say humans have explored only 5 percent of the world’s oceans. Just 5 percent! With this Triton 1000/2 personal submarine, you can work with scientists to collect samples for things like the Ocean Genomics Project, which is trying to make sense of genome sequencing under the seven-tenths of the Earth’s surface that is covered in water. Project Baseline has a five-year mandate to “mow the ocean’s lawn,” to create a baseline map of our oceans with citizen scientist divers, ROVs and personal submersibles for future generations.

5: See where human eyes have never seen. The owner of this Triton 1000/2 personal submarine outfitted it with seven Deep Sea exterior LED lights. They make underwater exploration incredible. When you get down to, say, 300 feet and sunlight is vanishing, these LED lights show you a whole other world here on Earth.

6: Explore fantastic shipwrecks. One of the most amazing places I have dived is off the North East coast of Malta, in the Mediterranean Sea. Scuba divers can see some of what’s down there, but in a personal submarine like this Triton 1000/2, you can stay down longer, shine lights on wrecks to see them better, and really get a stunning view of all the colorful flora and fauna.

7: Dive in your Tommy Bahamas. Anybody who has spent time in a Triton 1000/2 will tell you that staying comfortably clothed—with surround sound, air-conditioning and a dry environment—is an integral part of the sub experience. Capt. Nemo had it right in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Go in style, and enjoy the ride!

Want to know more? Call my cell at (305) 216-8682, or email me anytime at stever@alloceanyachts.com. Thanks!

Submarine Dive

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